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TheGuardian – This Transatlantic Trade Deal Is A Full-Frontal Assault On Democracy – 6 November 2013

The Guardian

(Lucas : I have been saying the TT(i)P would bring in all the bad stuff just via the backdoor by a trade agreement… it is the way the non-democratic not chosen EU came about via a first trade deal and built thereon further trade deals, multi-lateral agreements and treaties.  I have been saying that with lots of others for some time now but it seems now the mainstream media get also panicking as it sets aside “democracy”  if you still perceive we have democracy and not already see we live in a corporate fiction that uses its people as the asset and slaves for some that get the total control and benefit over all. Glad you awaked The Guardian are you now really going to report on what is and isn’t  like the alternative press, bloggers and websites now do already for years with lots of difficulties!! )

Brussels has kept quiet about a treaty that would let rapacious companies subvert our laws, rights and national sovereignty

Remember that referendum about whether we should create a single market with the United States? You know, the one that asked whether corporations should have the power to strike down our laws? No, I don’t either. Mind you, I spent 10 minutes looking for my watch the other day before I realised I was wearing it. Forgetting about the referendum is another sign of ageing. Because there must have been one, mustn’t there? After all that agonising over whether or not we should stay in the European Union, the government wouldn’t cede our sovereignty to some shadowy, undemocratic body without consulting us. Would it?

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