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Thousands Protest, Jailed Irish Anti-Water Tax Campaigners Go On Hunger Strike – 22 February 2015

RT logoThousands of people marched through Dublin to support two jailed anti-water charge protesters who have gone on hunger strike. Around 10,000 rallied in the Irish capital to back the duo, who started to refuse food on Friday.

Five people are currently being held in prison after objecting to the Irish government’s decision to tax water. They had defied a court order to come within a 20-metre exclusion zone set up around a water installation. Tap water had been free in Ireland, though the government introduced measures to introduce water meters as an extra way to raise capital.

Thousands of people, led by the families of the jailed protesters met outside Mountjoy prison in Dublin, where they are being held, after marching through the center of the city on Saturday.

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