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Lucas – Three Kings Following The Stars – Wisdom Lies In The Heart – 27 December 2013

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d5/Christmas_Tree_Cluster.jpg/142px-Christmas_Tree_Cluster.jpg?uselang=nlIn an observation post somewhere outside earth I am looking to what is seen as the movement of day and night and the stars and celestial bodies changing places in the orbits of this beautiful blue planet.  In the northern hemisphere the winter solstice brought the sun back to shine every day a bit longer till the mid-summer solstice.  The story of three kings that found their way in a book known to you as the bible you will probably have heard of.

They have been no kings but most probable very good astrologist and astronomers that where often in high positions at the kings or rulers courts of those days.  The stars, the planets and their movements  had often more impact than any other ritual, priest or book. The talent and art of the knowledge of the stars was having a big impact. The three mystical kings where following in the story a star that was connected to a special event they all three had foreseen in the stars. Continue reading