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Republic For The United States Announcement – State Of The Union Tour – 12 June 2012

(Lucas: I have promised to report on both sides and you have to make your own mind up and use your own discernment. Things may not be your truth, the whole truth or a distorted truth in your opinion but do not deny others their free choice and opinion. )

STATE of the UNION TOUR 2012

Join Republic President James Timothy Turner as he visits your area. Continue reading


Republic Roundtable Call (44) – May 10th Uploaded – 12 May 2012 (My Timezone)


Host and Moderator: Robert Zuluaga
Technical Assistant: Pat Walther

Introduction and Opening Prayer
Bruce and Linda Dietler

President Timothy Turner
Republic Address/Update

Speaker Mark Lounsbury
Legislative Update Continue reading

Lucas – New Post Of Order About Drake and Kerry Cassidy – 8 May 2012

In my last post of order I had decided to stop posting Kerry and Project Camelot.  I had my reasons to get not in the middle of a conflict that would also get me in a lawsuit just for posting information by Kerry and Project Camelot. That I am not interested in.

I have learned by the info and what I read that Drake this time wrongly accused Kerry and Project Camelot.  In this Drake has done what he shouldn’t have done.  Assume or opt prejudiced.  Continue reading

Tim Turner And The Republic RoundTable Call – 4 May 2012

As said I will report on the two sides Tim Turner’s and  Drake’s therefore  not one side. You make up your own minds with your own discernment.

Here is the link to the Republic Roundtable Call uploaded 3 May 2012. http://www.dev.republicoftheunitedstates.org link to original article and audio links

Tim Turner – Republic Roundtable Call 26th April Just Uploaded – 1 May 2012

As said before I will report on both sides as I get info in.  So the roundtable call from 26 April 2012 is just uploaded to the internet on 1 May 2012 by the admin.



Link to article and audio link

Tim Turner – Republic Round Table Call 19 April 2012 Audio – 20 April 2012

You can find the info and latests updates yourself at http://www.republicsg.info

link to audio mp3 Republic Round Table Call 19 April 2012

I said to be informing the both sides. Maybe you should consider listening it is a long 2 hours 20 minutes call. With questions, etc. Tim Turner get on the call after 1 hour and 10 minutes ( if I am correct)  if you want to skip the rest. Tim Turner responds on the David Wilcock and Drake Interview.

Ron Van Dyke – 2012 : Tim Turner Is President Of The Republic – In Answer To Interview Wilcock / Drake – 6 April 2012

Uploaded by Paradoxman316 on Youtube 6 April 2012.

I was not going to bring up the Republic for a while after recent videos on this subject; however, I was surprised to get a call from Jeanine Stewart yesterday afternoon to see if I was willing to be one of the featured guests on the weekly Republic Roundtable Call that is open to the public. That call was last night. I encourage all detractors to listen for themselves as soon as it is posted. At times, I was nearly in tears as President Turner addressed the listeners. He is the right man to do this job. That is my strong conviction.

To hear the Roundtable Call, Go to this link; http://republicsg.info then click “latest updates”, then click this: 04.05.12 ~ Added Republic Roundtable call. (MP3 Audio 34MB). Click Here (Right-click, Save-As to download).