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Visionkeeper – Time To Create Your Dreams – 27 April 2012

As the shift approaches, the time of preparation picks up speed. I mentioned yesterday about going within to figure out who you really are, do you have integrity? While you are in there moving stuff around looking for answers, take time to kick back and day-dream about how you want your new life to be. What would you truly want to do or be? Where would you want to be? What would your ideal life scenario look like? Think it about it, see yourself in it, feel your emotions while you are in it. What does it sound like? Are you in the country with the birds singing or can you hear the hustle and bustle of the big city and all it has to offer? What will you do with all the extra time freedom brings for you? How will you adjust to these changes? People will tend to want to say “Heck I’ll be just fine not having to work”. If that is all you have ever known, while free time is fun, being totally free will take some adjusting to. It is not always easy filling up free time if you are not used to it. Continue reading