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Visionkeeper – Time To Grow Wings – 19 March 2012

We are nearing the end of this epic journey I believe and the chaos may well begin. I like to believe it won’t, but in all reality it probably will for a short while. People’s worlds are going to get rocked to the core with the great truths and the mind bending possibilities of the new world coming. It will challenge us deeply and we must stand firm in our trust that all will be well. We must now begin to grow our wings with which to rise above the chaos and remain in our frequencies of unconditional love. We grow our wings by lightening our loads by eliminating our old issues and releasing our mind controlled ways of perceiving life. We must hold tight to our positive thinking and continue to exude love to all and even have compassion for those of the dark, in hopes they will grow wings as well and rise out of their evil into the sunshine. Continue reading