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Lisa Gawlas – And Ode To YOU, To The Love That IS YOU! – 29 September 2013

lisagawlas2There is no doubt in my heart that we have indeed opened to the miraculous within ourselves.  I am not really talking about something or someone showing up exactly when you need it, that has always been the way of it, if we let the door open to it.  One of my connections yesterday was with a precious lady who had just come from putting her beloved Dalmatian down.  She had told me the dog had been very very ill and the moment she made the choice to euthanize her beloved friend, the dog found the energy to get happy, dance and prance to let her know, this was a great thing, a blessed and desired thing to do.  As she was telling me her story, her entire field started to fill with this thick, golden, honey like substance.  This thick liquid gold energy was coming from deep inside of her center heart, moving up and outward and sealing her in its radiance.  As it started to elongate, I also notice there was this effervescence to it, like bubbles in champagne.  It was extraordinary to be in the experience with her, the fluid love that was now creating the energy field of her life.  Of course I thought about our beloved Daisy Dukes, I couldn’t help it. Continue reading