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Lisa Gawlas – Multidimensional Earths : Bringing Up The Frequencies, TOGETHER!! – 31 May 2013

energy-abstractWhat a strange day yesterday was.  First my online calendar and my phone calendar somehow became un-synced.  Most of my phone appointments were set two hours later than what my EDT adjusted appointments, which is actually in the opposite direction if they were still reflecting MDT.  The readings, excuse me, connections I did do, well, they just boggled the ba-jesus outta me.  Kinda still do.  For whatever reason, I did all my readings on the front porch yesterday.  My first lady who lives in the United Arab Emirates brought the energy of Ganesh to the funnel cloud in the front.  This didn’t surprise me too much because Ganesha was such a prevalent part of her readings when we were on the Mesa together.  Ganesh set himself up on the topside of the cloud energy and sits on the left side of the opening of the funnel cloud reaching down towards the ground. Continue reading