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Tolec Of The Andromeda Council – Draco Reptilian Cube Destroyed – Tanaath Silver Legion Interview – 28 May 2012

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A Guiding Lite – Dr. Joseph Marra interviews Tolec Of The Andromeda Council – Emotional Healing On The Way To Spiritual Awareness – 14 May 2012

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Tolec describes an experience he had in his own life in his early 40s – and how he successfully overcame many of the ‘negative’, emotional pains & hurts from his early life.. to now living a fear free, fearless, self-empowered life.


Awakening Truth World Wide Blogtakradio – Guiding Lite Show – Michael Tellinger On His Constitutional Court Case And TOLEC Gives Updates On The Andromeda Council – 8 May 2012

You have to skip the first 7 minutes and 58 secondes due to technical difficulities then starts the interview with Michael and then get an human kind history lesson and lesson about the existance of money till about 53 minutes the talk is going to head towards the Constitutional Court Case. The second hour is for Tolec’s updates.

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Mark Snider – Ohio Exopolitics Radio Show – Tolec – 30 April 2012

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Andromeda Council

Tim Bravo’s Extraordinary Year Blogtalkradio Show – Tolec And The End Of The Space War – From Andromedan Council Perspective – 8 April 2012

By Blogtalkradio “Extraordinary Year” hosted by Tim Bravo who interviews Tolec Earths human representativ for the Andromedan Council.

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(Lucas : I have listened to the whole show. Tolec says that the mass arrests  David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford are speaking of and the finishing off of the undersea Drako Reptilian bases are related.)

Kauilapele – Tolec Report… Massive Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed – 5.1 Quake Nicobar Islands Area – 21 February 2012

Found this at this RMN page. I may write more on this, but now I just send the report links from Tolec.

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Alfred Webre and Tolec….. Andromeda Council : East China Sea 6.9 quake – undersea reptilian base destroyed

WOO HOO #2!!!…Alfred Webre and Tolec… Andromeda Council: East China Sea 6.9 quake – undersea reptilian base destroyed by Kauilapele via http://www.kauilapele.wordpress.com 

This video came to my attention just a couple hours ago, and I felt was important enough to post now. The last major reptilian base, underwater near China, was destroyed. The indicator for this was a 6.9 magnitude tremor, which you may view here (I believe this is the one they were talking about).