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Tom Kenyon – A Hathor Planetary Message – The Cosmic Window – 15 December 2012

hathorsIn this final message of the year we wish to address an energetic opportunity for the elevation of consciousness and the illumination of your mind, heart and body. We call this the Cosmic Window because it is an opening through which you can more easily transcend the perceived limitations of time and space.

The window we are speaking about in this message begins on December 21, 2012 (the Winter Solstice) and continues for three days, through December 23, 2012. This Cosmic Window is visited twice every year during both the Winter and Spring Solstices. Continue reading

Tom Kenyon – A Hathor Planetary Message – Non-Duality And The Matrix Of Creation – 27 November 2012

In this message we wish to address the paradox of how you create positive outcomes that unfold in time and space from non-dual states of consciousness, which by their very nature transcend both time and space as you perceive them.

Non-dual states of consciousness, which we call the Mother of All Things (i.e., the Void), are the wellspring and the source of manifest reality. We have found that using non-dual states of consciousness as a springboard to create positive outcomes generates more masterful creations. Continue reading

Tom Kenyon – A Hathor Planetary Message – The Aethos And Non-Dual States of Consciousness – 2 October 2012

In this message we wish to discuss some of the significant relationships between manifest reality and non-dual states of consciousness.

Mind and Consciousness

Before we proceed, however, we would like to draw a distinction between the terms consciousness and mind as we use the words. Continue reading

Tom Kenyon – A Hathor Planetary Message – The Sphere Of All Possibilties – 29 August 2012

In this message we will endeavor to share with you a method for manifesting outcomes in your 3-D reality as well as in other dimensions of your being. This method is based on a fundamental understanding regarding geometry and the nature of consciousness. There are many geometries available to be used as vehicles for manifestation. We wish to share one of the simplest and, ironically, most effective. Continue reading

Tom Kenyon – The Alchemies Of Horus : Energy Meditations From The Magdalen Manuscript (1) – 7 August 2012

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1.Sending Sekhem To The Top Of The Head 0:00
2.Bringing Our Attention Into The DJed 12:52
3.Moving Sekhem Into The Center Of The Brain 25:20

Headphones highly suggested

Tom Kenyon – Healing Waters – 5 August 2012

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Tom Kenyon – The Alchemy Of Relationship – 29 February 2012

This article was taken from the Magdalen Manuscript (ORB Communications).

Many of us do relationships the way we play poker. We do everything possible to get the upper hand. And if that fails, we bluff. We pretend to hold cards we don’t have. We cheat. We lie.

And while this is the model for many a relationship in our post modern era, it is not the model for Sacred Relationship as described in the Manuscript. Continue reading