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Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul February 3, 2015 – 5 February 2015

Uploaded on 4 February 2015 by Tom Lescher If I share my opinion and receive opposition, I know its a chance to grow. If due to hurt feelings, I hide or I fight, The truth I may never know.

Yeah! Jupiter is not always a bag of Christmas presents (at least on the surface). Let’s not forget that he is also the ruler of Pisces where we have 4 planets now which can lead to confusion, chaos, and craziness in order to bring up from the depths of the unconscious, patterns and issues for healing. Maybe because you drank too much, drove too fast, said too much, let go too much, some “Freudian slip” exposed an aspect of yourself or another or society that “needed” to be said, brought up, or put out there however unintentionally. The group (Aquarius) has a way of pushing the individual (Leo) to be ever bigger and sometimes there can be growing pains!

Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul Jan. 27, 2015 – 28 January 2015

Uploaded on 28 January 2015 by Tom Lescher If I’m feeling like a victim, My fate in others’ hands, I know that Life is wanting me, To find and take my stand. As we open to the subtle spirit world and sharpen our senses to perceive the unperceived ….. life can take on ever greater and greater dimensions. These can be exhilarating, AND they can be overwhelming. To stand with an open heart in the midst of challenging chaos is the path of the true initiate, the torch bearer for a new expression of the human potential. It is during times when we may feel powerless and inadequate in the face of the seemingly huge tasks at hand that we find and heal the spirit warrior within. So it is written in the book of Chiron…. so it is.

Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul January 13, 2015 – 14 January 2015

Uploaded on 13 January 2015 by Tom Lescher The paradox of life, Is that in order to win, I need to stop fighting,
And be peace within. Alright! This is a week of destiny reaching Its hand into our lives and altering them, possibly forever. Keep all your sense alert for the comings and goings in our lives this week (and less so for the next couple months) have their roots and purposes deep within the psycho/spirit self. It is an intense time where the emotional upheavals can bring us to the top and crash us down to the bottom – in minutes is the trip! The more we practice “goodbye” the easier it gets and the lighter our load and the more we realize how amazing we are and how little we really needed to start with! This is a time of shedding layers (may be a little chilly for some up north!) metaphorically in preparation for the NEW MOON at 0 degrees Aquarius next Tuesday. That will be the taking off of the ship for the far distant regions of the universe so know that the night will be followed by the day…. oh yeah…. the glory of Life… Injoy!

Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul, January 6, 2015 – 8 January 2015

Uploaded on 6 January 2015  by Tom Lescher Sometimes when I think I need to fix this or that, It’s really just trust
In Spirit I lack. With Neptune/Chiron in Pisces we are all becoming more sensitive as the veils are pulled back. We can all slip easily into overwhelm and “freak out.” But really, let’s look at it…. do we really need to freak out about “this” or “that”? Really? Maybe we need to look at what we are so attached to! With Venus ruling the north node now in Aquarius it is time for some objective, “witnessing” of our lives to be happening. This is most easily accomplished with some trust in a greater intelligence than our limited ego identity…. time to rise and shine!!! Injoy!!!!

Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul, December 30 – 31 December 2014

Uploaded 0n 3o December 2014 Tom Lescher As I design my new future, I let go of parts of my past, The closer I pay attention, The more I will take what will last. This will be a New Year’s to remember! There have not been such intense aspects at the New Year for thousands of years! I’m not kidding…. look at the chart in this week’s Pele Report. It portends a time of great change, of big decisions, big moves, and dramatic occurrences. While being a favorable time for creative enterprises, as the mantra suggests, it will also be helpful to stay very aware, awake, and practice restraint. The Mars opposite Jupiter can tend to go overboard so best to practice “all things in moderation” as you move steadily and surely toward your new future. Truly a time of great awakening and self-discovery which can only lead to better results. Happy New Year! Injoy

Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul, December 23rd – 24 December 2014

Uploaded on 23 December 2014 by Tom Lescher

It’s OK to feel, Whatever arises within, It’s when I distract, deny, and suppress,
That my troubles are soon to begin. The thing about this week is the danger of losing yourself in order to “look good,” “care take,” or “be there,” for everybody else. The challenge is to find the balance between, and honor both your inner personal needs and feelings while also showing up for others. This mantra does not imply that whatever urge arises needs to be acted on. The important thing is that the feeling is felt, recognized, and used for increased self knowledge and inner growth. Followed to its source, each feeling holds important information about who we are, what we need, and where to go, and why we are here….. tune in and check it out….. happy holidays!

Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul December 17, 2014 – 18 December 2014

Uploaded on 17 December 2014  by Tom Lescher  The more I stand out, straight and tall, Owning my truth before one and all, The more I love this world I hold dear, The more of the road to the future I clear.

Alright! This is it! This is the time! We are the ones! Time to stand up tall and be counted! Don’t forget that the greater the light the darker the shadow when living in a 3D polarized world. Don’t let the “bad” news dampen your powerful good self! It is phenomenal to have a New Moon on the Solstice… it is like the gun going off at the beginning of a race. During this time it may be helpful to keep our children’s children in mind when making each and every decision and see if that changes any decisions you make. Just what toys are you buying for Christmas? Every dollar spent is going somewhere… where…. and is that where you want it to go? Time for conscious, responsible, action to follow the heartfelt dreams and desires…… go Go GO! Injoy……
Hope to join with you this Saturday for a Sacred Solstice event: Go to NewParadigmAstrology.com and click on the link at the right!

Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul December 10th – 11 December 2014

Uploaded on 10 December 2014  by Tom Lescher
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Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul December 3, 2014 – 5 December 2014

Uploaded on 3 December 2014 by Tom Lescher I see a bright future, for myself and mankind. The cost is small, Compared to all, We will receive in time. Well, you may not be feeling this right now but that is the purpose of a mantra. Repeating the mantra serves to connect different synopsis in the brain and they are used to rewire our old programs. So during these times of intense change = stress it is helpful to step outside the fray use the power of the Word to create your inner reality anew. While in this time of letting go it helps to know there is great unseen intelligence guiding the flow. Believe…… Music by scotthuckabay.com Join me in Mexico by going to: http://casakin.org/mysteries-of-the-j…

Tom Lescher – Astrology For The Soul November 25th – 27 November 2014

Uploaded on 26 November 2014 by Tom Lescher

Healing myself and healing the world,
Is not about being right
but about stopping the endless mind games,
That block and distort the light.
Welcome Lilith into Virgo and Mercury into Sag this week! Never mind that they are square to each other and creating a T-square with Neptune in Pisces. The upside is that now is a good time to see what’s missing or needed and heal our wounds. The downside is that we may be tempted to tell everyone else what we think they are missing and how they need to heal their wounds haha! If we find compassionate ways to share and teach we can all grow together in love instead of tearing each other apart with criticism. Opt for the former and Injoy! Salam ala kum!