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Visionkeeper – Topsey Turvey – 25 June 2013

art-beautiful-canada-cool-Favim.com-622617(Lucas : I gonna make a big discernment notice on this article with the video link in it. It easily can be set up as deception as it is to get us again into fear. This is why I do not belief the most as said. As always in misinformation is always a bit of truth also. I see it as fear mongering.)

(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

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This is a very short post today. I am twisted around in many directions and I find it extremely hard to find the correct words to write. I need peace in the world around me and it is so hard to find except in my own space, but I am weary of being forced to stay within the confines of my space to have that peace. Continue reading