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Torrent Temptation: EU Parliament, Vatican, Hollywood Download Pirated Content – 27 December 2013

RT logoDespite global efforts to curb copyright infringement, the temptation to use BitTorrent sites to download free movies and TV shows is too strong for employees in the EU Parliament, the Vatican, the US House of Representatives, and some Hollywood studios.

The new information was revealed by TorrentFreak, which used a tracking outfit called ScanEye to identify those illegally downloading files in some rather surprising places.

The website reported that EU Parliament employees have shown keen interest in downloading pirated movies and TV shows while at work. Dozens of recent “hits” entered from EU Parliament IP addresses on several BitTorrent trackers revealed that employees have downloaded pirated versions of new movies such as ‘Elysium’ and ‘Monsters vs. Aliens.’ They also appear to be fans of classic flicks such as ‘The Ten Commandments,’ as well as popular television shows such as ‘Breaking Bad.’

The same illegal activity also made its way into the Vatican, with movies such as ‘Billy Elliot’ being downloaded along with TV series such as ‘Camp.’

Even some Hollywood studios – including Paramount Pictures – made it on the list, with employees illegally downloading ‘Shame’ and ‘Mad Men.’

BitTorrent downloads also took place from inside the US House of Representatives. Television drama ‘Sons of Anarchy’ was downloaded from the premises, although TorrentFreak did note that fewer hits came from the House in 2013 than in previous years.

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