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American Kabuki And FB Lists – New Updated List Resignations Total: 750 – 2 April 2012

This list chronicles all top level resignations since the start of 2012. Presented below are four categories:

  • Banking & Financing (includes insurance)
  • Government (includes public services & churches)
  • Companies & Businesses
  • Arrests/probes/cases/etc.


While it’s not unusual for a top level executive/politician/industry leader to resign, it IS highly suspect when a great number of them are resigning at the same time.
All taking place in a very short amount of time as well.
Also note how most of the resignations are taking place in the banking & financing world.
Different sources are saying that these ‘mass resignations’ are indicative of a larger trend leading towards ‘mass arrests’ of criminal and corrupt elites which are soon to follow.
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