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RT – Man Not Allowed On Aircraft For Wearing Anti-TSA Shirt – 23 August 2012

(Russia Today) While trying to board a flight out of Buffalo, New York recently, a PhD student at Arizona State found out the hard way that being on a no-fly list isn’t the only way to attract the attention of the TSA — wearing a funny shirt will do the trick, too. Continue reading


RT – TSA Gone Wild – 10 August 2012

Uploaded on 9 August2012 by RTAmerica Continue reading

Paul Joseph Watson – Infowars.com – Lawsuit : TSA Claims It Can Lie To The Public – 8 June 2012

TSA Directives” supersede Freedom of Information Act

The engineer who garnered global press attention by proving the TSA’s fleet of body scanners were completely useless is causing the federal agency more embarrassment – by highlighting the fact that the TSA argues that it can lie to the public for “security” reasons. Continue reading