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Lucas – Things Are Moving Fast In The Financial System – Still Be Cautious Of The News – “Treasury To Foreclose Federal Reserve System” – 21 September 2012

Lucas :  The news  in the reposted story I still are a bit cautious about, but it could, if true, have huge implications. It well could be a decoy action but if not so there is for sure some sort of struggle going on between the old FED system wanna keep it party and the No we want a new system party. The same I have been seeing when the BIS announced they needed still about 300 to 400 billion dollars to have all banks  complying with the BASEL III norm. Which is also a partial gold value backed system.  I think there is more going on. The story about the falsified Swiss certified gold bars popping up in several countries over the world filled with tungsten is an example to that . There is movement in the systems, and there is messages of discrediting of mis- or disinformation in the news.  Let me say. Change is gonna come and the old will not be able to restart the system and continue and be ever happy after this. That is for sure not gonna happen. This beneath reposted story of the foreclose from the FED by the Treasury is also falling in this category, be careful and see things moving but discern.  Even if it is or was disinfo that would mean the end of the old fraud system will be coming very soon.  Continue reading