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CLN – Trinity Bourne – What Is Success? A Spiritual Perspective – 28 April 2013

Chris-and-dramatic-sun-Malta-320-242x193What ‘success’ means is unique and personal to each of us. Yet most of us still live in a society where success is determined by what ‘people out there’ have decided success is. In fact, an inward feeling (often hidden) of ‘not feeling good enough’ because of ‘what other people will think’ is one of the most common concerns that I see amongst awakening people. Personal worth is still frequently measured by what we have to show for what we’ve done – material goods, exams passed, property gained, certificates achieved, goals attained or targets reached. And by far the biggest determining factor of success is the degree to which a person is validated and approved by others. Continue reading

Trinity Bourne – FInding The Paradigm Within – 20 April 2013

Uploaded on 14 April 2013 by OpenhandFoundation Trinity Bourne examines the paradox of the higher paradigm. What is the higher paradigm? Where do we find it? Why is it important to honour the world outside, whilst embracing that the entire universe is within us? Trinity answers these questions and more.

WakeUp World – Trinity Bourne – What Do You See In The Mirror? – 30 December 2012

What-do-you-see-in-the-mirror--300x240Have you ever noticed how the wind animates itself through the rustling leaves? We can’t see the air. We only know of it’s presence by the way it dances with the trees as wind. Air inspires the wind – yet it is NOT the wind – it is simply the outward reflection of it. I find this a powerful metaphor to describe the consciousness of the soul… Continue reading

Wake Up World – Trinity Bourne – Freeing The Spirit – 14 November 2012

When the soul speaks, we often feel an upwelling that compels us to do something out of the ordinary. Moments of vision take us into a realm of awe and wonder. Limitations dissolve. We melt into infinite possibility. Immortality of the soul dawns. We are boundless. We are free. Continue reading

Trinity Bourne – Unleashing The Soul – How Free Are You – 1 November 2012

“We, who lived in concentration camps,
can remember the men who walked
through the huts of others,
giving away their last piece of bread.
They may have been few in number,
but they offer sufficient proof that everything
can be taken away from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms-
to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances,
to choose one’s own way.”

Viktor Frankl – Auschwitz survivor Continue reading

Trinity Bourne – Changing The Educational Paradigm – 26 October 2012

25th Ocotober 2012

By Trinity Bourne

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

As a home schooling parent, it’s been clear to me for many many years that there is something wrong with the education system. Someone, somewhere has decided what we are going to learn and how we are going to learn it. Some one set the bench mark of who is smart and who is not. It’s a ‘controlling, factory like’ system that ‘processes’ our kids in batches. If you don’t conform, then you are labelled or at worst drugged! It has never been clearer that we need new educational paradigmContinue reading

Trinity Bourne – Open Hand Foundation – Loving You! – 12 October 2012

Let’s look at the most divine gift you can give both yourself and the world… loving YOU!

  • Hold up your hand if you have been too busy lately to really love and nurture yourself.
  • Hold up your hand if there is a little voice inside your head reciting every reason under the sun why you can’t put time aside for you…
  • Hold up your hand if you feel that you are swamped with responsibility, kids, job, partner, life’s events, chores, people, pets, pressure, deadlines, the end of the world, demands, demands, demands.
  • Hold up you hand if, on a level, you feel guilty, unworthy, ashamed or just plain scared of who you would be if you truly truly were yourself. Continue reading

Trinity Bourne – Your Are Enough, Exactly As You Are – 25 August 2012

Imagine being totally accepted for who you are.

No need to be anything, or anyone more than you can be right now.

Imagine that there’s no judgement of anything you’ve ever done. Continue reading