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Wes Annac – Trip to Earth, Part II – The Meeting (A Short Story) – 10 January 2012

This situation I found myself in required innate mental and emotional training and discipline. If I did not wish to give my position away, I had to maintain pure clarity of mind. I could not even let myself think or feel in any way that I was where I was, lest I wish for those who were also where I was to notice me. I could not be spotted, I could not be known about. With all of my training, with all of my mental discipline, with every fiber of my being I focused on being in my quarters, in my room, meditating or painting. I had to completely convince myself, therefore convincing others, that I was in my quarters, doing anything other than spying on the meeting my parents were having with the rest of the Sirian High Council about various situations unfolding on the planet Earth. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Short Story – Trip To Earth – 27 December 2011

Note: This is a short story and is fictional. Though I throw in relevant elements of my Life, very little to none of this story actually applies to me personally. In this story, I fully immerse myself in the point of view of this young Sirian adventurer, who dearly wishes for his Elder Guide to show him one of the realms of Earth. Again, I am not sharing a personal story or experience, and the main soul in this story is not meant to be interpreted as myself. Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading