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John Ward – 3rd Greek Baillout : Slog Prediction Vindicated in MSM – 19 June 2012

‘Debt crisis: Greek government will be forced to seek third bail-out’ (Daily Telegraph, 19.6.12)

‘Forget the Greek election for a while, and focus instead on what will be a far more significant event: full Greek default, bailout or not, unless more bailout monies are poured in, and pretty damn quick. Both Berlin and Washington know for sure this is coming.’ (The Slog, 17.6.12)

Plummeting tax receipts, crashing export sales and falling tourism figures mean the Hellenic Republic is already miles behind the commitments it has already made to the Troika. Add this to the spiralling Spanish tornado, and Italy yields spiking above 6%….


Mish/ Mike Shedlock – What If Tsipras Is Not Bluffing? Who Holds The Upper Hand? What Is Troika’s Biggest Fear? Can Greece Possibly Stay In The Eurozone After Default? – 25 May 2012

I have read countless articles over the past few week stating a belief that Syriza party leader Alexis Tsipras is bluffing in his threat to stay in the euro but default in debts.

Is it remotely possible to default and stay in the eurozone?

Since this is a multi-part question, let’s first address the question “is this a bluff?” Continue reading

John Ward – Euroblown : Tinbrain The Troikanaut Goes Election Manipulating (Again) – 13 May 2012

ImageMaking a drama out of a drachma

The Athenian news site Real News reports this morning that The IMF/EU Troika of Terror is willing to make six conciliatory changes to Greece’s program….if a pro-bailout terms government is formed in the country.

In other news, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that she was prepared to desist from nuking China if the Beijing regime would just raise the Remnimbe’s value by 25%, Angela Merkel told a press conference in Berlin that she would pay €8m in cash to any French voter prepared to assassinate Francois Hollande, and Herman van Rompuy told an audience in Brussels that every EU country had the inalienable democratic right to vote yes to everything he says as often as they like. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Voters Punish New Democracy And Pasok; New Election, Euro Exit Coming Up? Best Thing For Greece is Tell The Troika “Go To Hell” – 7 May 2012

Assuming no defects in Pasok or the New Democracy parties, the pro-austerity may just scrape together enough votes to barely piece together a ruling coalition.

How long the coalition lasts is another matter as Pasok was humiliated with a third place showing.

Reuters reports Angry Greeks reject bailout, risk euro exit

The latest official results, with over 61 percent of the vote counted, showed the only two major parties supporting an EU/IMF program that keeps Greece from bankruptcy would be hard pressed to form a lasting coalition. Continue reading

John Ward – Greek Default : The Troika Prepares To Engage Reverse Gear – 14 March 2012

The Troika continues to avoid using real money, and damns Athens with leaks

Wolfgang Schauble spent most of the weekend muttering about Greeks not fulfilling the bailout clauses, until Angela Merkel requested that he halt’s Maul, after which Wolfie  – who really can’t bear to say anything nice about Greece – popped up again yesterday to say that, thanks to the Troika’s immaculate budgetary planning, Greece would achieve the 2020 debt/GDP ratio, and possibly beat it. Continue reading