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Lisa Gawlas – Love, Trust, The Guardians And YOU! The New Earth Activated!! – 2 October 2014

lisagawlas2I want to first kick off this sharing with a visual, with a place within me that is outside of words, outside of the scope of descriptive feelings.  This visual is real, it is happening and is releasing the deepest of my feelings that words cannot touch, to each and every one of you.  See me standing in front of you, as my eyes meet yours, watch as I fall to my knees, raise my hands in prayer position and align them with my heart.  I bow my head and open my heart of loving gratitude to You, feel my tears of awe, of honor, of sacredness as they fall from my cheeks and amplify the energy emitting from my heart and wrap around you, engulfing you in a never ending hug of pure love energy that will never cease and only grow. Continue reading


Laura Bruno – Surrender, Trust, & Gratitude – 5 May 2014


I recently discovered this blog and really enjoy the poetic, mystical posts. This one honors Earth Day, but since every day is Earth Day on this planet, I thought I’d reblog the powerful message and intention. In answer to the various emails and session questions I’ve received of late: yes, the intense times not only continue but have intensified for many. That’s one reason, I’m posting this beautiful message today. Blessings and Peace to you …

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Ariah Velasquez – Deepening into Love – 12 February 2014

ariah_goldI didn’t know I was going to do an article on love so close to Valentine’s Day, and I must say it actually isn’t on purpose.  But I believe I tune into the group consciousness when writing these articles, and what is on the group “mind”.  So, of course, different insights have come through this week about love…specifically love in relationship. And oh, I feel the fire this article may bring up in people.  If that happens, then please see this as a means for something to clear.  Of course, these are my thoughts and feelings and I own them as that. Whatever resonates, take it with you, and what doesn’t, discard.

When we begin to open our heart deeper and deeper to love someone, I believe there are different phases.  There is phase one, where we must get past obvious fears of the human condition: fear of abandonment, trust issues, and vulnerability.  When we stay present with what comes up with our loved ones, and continue to examine, “where is what is happening about me and my wounds?”, we make it through phase one with flying colors!

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Visionkeeper – Trust – 1 August 2013

adrenaline-adrenaline-rush-before-i-die-boulder-Favim.com-665973(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

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How much trust do you carry around with you everyday? We are part of a misinformed world right now that has been led around by the nose and fed a steady diet of lies so it is no wonder we hold very little trust in our hearts, but we must grow up and resolve that! We can’t blame the state of the world on that forever just like we can’t blame our parents for all of our issues. We reach a point in life where we must grow up and accept responsibility for ourselves and for our world. It is time to rekindle our trust and set aside the fear and step out on the rock precipice that is set before us and breathe deeply. It is time to say I will no longer listen to the lies being doled out and I will trust MYSELF to know what is truth and what is not, I will trust myself to know best and will stand strong beside that person throughout the rest of my life. If we cannot find the strength and courage to stop listening to the lies and think for ourselves, we will not be able to create the new world we are traveling towards. Continue reading

Fran Zepeda – Sananda – Abide by Your Hearts – 9 July 2012


Dear beloveds, I come before you today to speak of Trust. There is much talk these days of this concept and issue. Many are wondering whom and what they can trust and many are getting disillusioned with matters of Trust.

Do not be discouraged, for it is in experiencing this that you are coming to a greater understanding of what is really true. However, the subject of Trust has always been a subject of emotion and sense of stability, and can often shake people to the core when they discover they feel a lack of trust, or betrayal. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Trust, Love And Letting Go To Become More! – 18 June 2012

Of all the things we are talking about, understanding within and experiencing in fullness, there is one subject matter that seems to be more important than anything else we understand.

LOVE.  Unconditional.

Don’t, for a single second, underestimate the power of that word… in wholeness. Continue reading

Fran Zepeda – Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven – Feel Your Bliss – 10 May 2012

Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven:

We speak to you today about Bliss. Bliss is your natural state. You go in and out of this state many times in the day. Many things bring you out of it. You are learning to monitor this, and not allow your thoughts to drift into lower vibrations, more and more.  Continue reading

Fran Zepeda – Message from Archangel Michael – Light Your Own Way To The Truth – 5 January 2012

Greetings, I AM Michael. I come before you today with great news. The light that has been penetrating your world has reached a level of saturation which up to this point in your lifetimes has been unequaled. Not for many eons have you experienced this amount of light. It has indeed been steadily lifting you up to new levels of consciousness in divine preparation for glorious ascension.

You are all feeling the energies in different ways, of course. You are all being expanded and challenged with dropping old patterns of living. Every minute now you are facing decisions of going on with what you are used to doing and feeling and saying, or carving a fresh new path and perspective. Because there is no precedent for much of what is entering into your consciousness now, it will feel strange indeed, and there will be moments where you will not be inclined to trust it. We ask you to trust and to go with it, and to open your mind to the newness. Your heart will tell you if it is true. Continue reading