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Truth Blocked In US Through Mainstream Media’ – 21 October 2014

RT Video screenshot

RT Video screenshot

A blockade on the truth in America can be broken by billboard campaigns, like that criticizing Fox News host Sean Hannity, with the involvement of crowdfunding and cryptocurrency, Max Keiser, the host of RT’s ‘Keiser Report’, told RT.

Max Keiser is one of the originators of a crowdfunding project that helped to get one of Fox’s most well-known faces up on a billboard of shame. Millions of people in Chicago can see the huge billboard with Sean Hannity’s portrait and the caption: “Breaking news: The Sean Hannity show is intellectual terrorism.” Hannity is an American television host on Fox News who has been accused by many of being “media terrorist.”

RT: Max, Why Sean Hannity? There are plenty of people on Fox you could have picked on?

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