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Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – What’s Next? – 9 December 2012

Whats-next-topimgGood morning, all of you!
I just read your article of December 2nd about conscious creations & I was wondering: I need to replace a large, expensive item & I have been planning to save enough money to do this but keep having to spend the money on other things before I get enough saved.  Am I doing this wrong?  Should I simply envision the item as whole & let the Universe provide the way?  I think this is what I should do, but I am still concerned (in the back of my mind) how to save the money.  I also would like to replace &/or acquire other large, expensive items so I change my mind several times a day about what I am going to spend my saved money on.  Am I sabotaging myself?  Can I get some practical guidance here?
tnx! Love your articles! Continue reading