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Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Spirit Insight – The Moment Of Turning – 16 November 2014

LarryLarsonInner Circle Member: Explain this please: The power is not in happy thoughts…but in thoughts that feel better?

We thought you might want to know more about that. Your greatest power, your greatest use of Source Energy is in the moment of turning. It’s that moment when you decide to improve your thought that makes the greatest difference. And we do not want to discount the power of adding great thoughts on to already good thoughts; that is a wonderful thing to be doing that adds to your momentum. But in terms of raw energy that decision you make to not be depressed anymore and to move up the scale through fear and anger, into something like curiosity, is momentous.

And the beauty is you get to make decisions like that every day. In this moment will I think thoughts that made me feel better or make me feel worse? In this moment will I think thoughts that bring me closer in alignment to Source who has become the very things I am asking for, or will I think thoughts that turn me away from the life of my dreams?

This conversation began about someone who had stepped up from depression and into anger, and how that anger was a good thing for them: a step in a positive direction. And yet for you who are already feeling good a step into anger would be headed the wrong way. It’s all in your present moment: Which way am I turning? Which way am I turning?

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