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Ariah Velasquez – The Twin Flame Is Magnetized Through A Heart Emanating Love – 15 January 2013

ImageA twin flame is a counterpart of your soul that is either masculine or feminine in form or energetic flavor depending on how you have incarnated here. This counterpart may be in physical form, or in the spirit form.  Now more than ever, people are incarnating with both their twin flame counterparts in physical form so that as we merge more into a state of oneness, we get to experience it in all ways, all forms.  This is due to the amazing time we are in as Earth has birthed herself into 5D. Both counterparts wish to celebrate the immense light and joy that rests here NOW. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Love Has No Rules – It Simply Is! – 13 May 2012

I receive emails almost daily asking personal and general questions about Twin Flame LOVE, and as much as I would LOVE to have time to read and respond to them all – I just don’t. So from time to time I will share my thoughts in these blogs to help answer some general questions I receive. Continue reading