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NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – U.S., Chinese Governments Fight To Take Over Internet, Stepping Up Censorship And Government Control – 26 March 2015

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(NaturalNews) When it comes to freedom of speech and expression, as an American, one wouldn’t think that the U.S. government and the Chinese government would treat them the same.

In the United States, the Constitution – the nation’s founding document – recognizes speech and expression as a fundamental human right, divinely endowed and not subject to government permission. Protests are not simply tolerated they are encouraged. Government redress is a basic right. Speaking out against those in power is as American as it gets.

In authoritarian China, of course, the opposite is true: Speech is tightly controlled and regulated. Chinese citizens have little redress with their government, protests are essentially banned, and anyone deemed too critical of the state is hauled off to jail. Continue reading


U.S., Russia Quietly Cooperate On Iran – 28 October 2013

consciouslifenewsPaul Richter and Sergei L. Loiko | LaTimes | Oct 28th 2013

As the U.S. presses for a deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program, it is getting help from an unlikely ally: Russia.

Relations between the two countries have tumbled to a low point this year because of a dispute over Moscow’s decision to grant temporary asylum to former National Security Agency contractor and leaker Edward Snowden and long-standing friction between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Analysts say neither side views repairing the overall relationship as a top priority.

Source: LA Times

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