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UFO Report Sighting – UFO over Brazilian Protest 19-June – 22 June 2013

report-ufo-sighting2Link to video

Ufo sighting footage above protests in Brazil.

(Thanks to www.absolute-data-exchange.com for the link)


UFO Report Sighting – UFODI News: 2 UFO’s Pass Fast Overhead!!!!! U.S 17th June 2013 – 19 June 2013

report-ufo-sighting2Uploaded on 18 June 2013 by UFODisclosureIrelandThis video is short but interesting, two bright lights travelling fast on a windless day. This occured on 17th June 2013 in the U.S. The location is unknown as poster left no details. So what are they? Lanters or UFO’s, We are undecided.

UFO Report Sighting – UFODI News: Huge Saucer UFO Over The U.S /31st May 2013 – 4 June 2013

report-ufo-sighting2Uploaded on 1 June 2013 by UFODisclosureIreland Tony Grubber Records a UFO Saucer using a weapon what is unknown to humans over the U.S, The UFO thats very low over the area with no sound or means of levitation and its saucer shape with port lights that are fully visible and its ejecting hundreds of odd lights in different colours like a sort of night effectivement.. UFODI have this as a great event, This footage is spectacular for night time footage, dont miss this! via : http://deusnexus.wordpress.com/2013/06/01/highly-unusual-ufo/

Ufo Report Sighting – UFO Over Ranch In Brasil – 29 May 2013

report-ufo-sighting2Uploaded on 28 May 2013  by jmhz71

Se aprecia un Objeto de luces muy lejano en una noche de un Rancho

UFO Report Sighting – UFO Over The Moon In Ecudar – 27 April 2013

report-ufo-sighting2Uploaded on 26 April 2013 by pisosmadera IMPRESSIVE UFO Over the Moon in Ecuador Record by chanel 9 (Thanks to the OPPT-rs/ One People)

***THIS IS TUFO Report Sighting – ONE FOR THE SCEPTICS***the UNDENIABLE…♡♡♡ – 12 April 2013

report-ufo-sighting2uploaded on 7 April 2013 by MsAscension1 RECORDED AT COUNTY DOWN NR IRELAND..HERE IS WHERE THE LIGHT “CRAFT” SHOW SOME GREAT DISPLAYS…ENJOY! ( Thanks to http://www.2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com  for pointing this one out!)

UFO Report Sighting – UFO Over England Comes Down In Small Village To Pick Up Glowing Orb – 26 January 2013

report-ufo-sighting2Uploaded on 23 January 2013 by sevilse Please note this footage was taken with a really bad camera phone and zoom in, there for it was hard to record and keep the background into picture. behind hill there is water sea a pier and on the left some fishing building club. This was recorded at 3 am December 29th southwest England. I cant tell u the village as everyone here knows me and I know people here don’t want media attention or talk about ufos. I don’t know if anybody else saw it, I’m sure fishermen did. It is not the first time. The actual object was further than it seems as I had my phone in full zoom.

UFO Report Sighting – UFO Columbia – Multiple Lights – 30 August 2012

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UFO Report Sighting – UFO Cambridge, England / 27 August 2012 – 28 August 2012

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UFO Report Sighting – Spaceship Sightings Witnessed By Hundreds Over Myrtle Beach On 26 August 2012 – 28 August 2012

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