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UFO Report Sighting – South-America UFO Ejecting Vessels – 6 August 2012

Uploaded on4 August 2012 by 

UFO Sighting Report – Morphing UFO Caught Over Mexico – 29 July 2012

gather.com by Tom Rose
July 19, 2012 01:55 AM EDT

A strange UFO filmed over

Mexico, which at first doesn’t look too remarkable, shows upon closer examination a shape unlike any other ever filmed before. What is it?

The video, posted to YouTube shows only an overcast sky and what looks like a balloon floating across. There is no indication from the surroundings where this could have been filmed, but the witness posts that it’s somewhere in Mexico. Continue reading

UFO Report Sighting – UFO At Opening Ceremony London Olympics 2012 – 29 July 2012

Uploaded on 27 July 2012 by For those who have not seen it yet a couple of videos by this above uploader.A perfect view of the saucer! as fireworks was on display.. Continue reading

UFO Report Sighting – Nocturnal Fleet Of UFOs Florida – 24 July 2012

Uploaded on 23 July 2012 by Filmed at Sanibel Beach Florida.


UFO Report Sighting – UFO Fannin County Texas USA – 24 July 2012

Uploaded on 19 July 2012 by This evidence was given to us by our new friends in Fannin County Texas. Thank you for allowing us to review this strange thing.

Our new friend asked us to provide a link to their page to hear more about this phenomena. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dapsghost/191095686044

If you have video/pictures/or a good story, please share with us. You can remain 100% anonymous if you wish. This is a way to leak your evidence

UFO Report Sighting – Chelmsford, England – 19 June 2012

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Thanks Andrea and The Galactic Free Press!

UFO Report Sighting – Australia Great Capture Of UFO – 17 June 2012

Uploaded on 15 June 2012 by .

UFO Report Sighting – UFO in Cloud – 9 June 2012

Uploaded 5 May 2012 by . Filmed Great Barrington, Massachusetts USA.

UFO Report Sighting – UFO Vortex Spiral? – Mystery Lights Israel – 8 June 2012

Uploaded by on 8 June 2012.

As predicted we should be seeing more of these spiral UFO sightings and now Jean Haines posted these videos and pictures of a new one on her blog. Thanks Jean. Continue reading