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UFO Report Sightings – Two Interesting Pictures – 31 May 2013

report-ufo-sighting2Posted 30 May 2013 by Unelady on photobucket.com (Lucas : I leave the personal assessments or discernment up to you. So no comments! No discussions here!)

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UFO Report Sightings – Russia and Scotland – 1 May 2013

report-ufo-sighting2HUGE UFO Light Cluster Hovers over Russia!!!

Uploaded  on 1 May 2013  by TheBeginning IsNear A MUST SEE!!! Please share this on your Facebook and or Twitter feed to help spread the TRUTH!!! An incredible cluster of lights has been recorded over the skies of Astrakahn, Russia on April 25th, 2013! They first hovered for an amazing 5-6 minutes, then disappearing for two minutes! What happens next is unexplainable!!! Namaste my friends!

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UFO Report Sightings – Giant UFOs Cigars Templeton, Australia, Bluehill Massachusetts, Auckland New Zealand – 11 January 2012

report-ufo-sighting2Uploaded on 10 January 2013 by paschalis oto  A compilation video of sightings of Cigar shaped UFOs.

UFO Report Sightings – Compilation Best UFO Sightings June 2012 – 27 July 2012

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UFO Report Sightings – UFO Probable Triangle – Cappelle Aan De IJssel – The Netherlands – 24 July 2012

Uploaded on 24 July 2012 by Thanks Phil!

UFO Report Sightings – Mexico And Texas – 9 June 20212

Amazing Daytime UFO Footage Lubbock, Texas

Uploaded 8 June 2012 by

MASS UFO sighting over Ciudad Juarez Mexico

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