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UK Column News – 23 February 2015

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UK Column News – Hollie Greig Robert Green And The Failure Of British Justice To Protect Children – 14 January 2015

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Robert Green has unstintingly campaigned over many years for justice for Hollie Greig who, as a child, suffered horrific sexual abuse at the hands of a gang of individuals in Aberdeen. Far from dirty old men in raincoats the people she named included professionals and those connected to the Establishment.

Article | January 8, 2015 – 5:04pm | By Brian Gerrish

Robert Green with Hollie and Anne GreigAbout the Author

Brian Gerrish

Founding editor

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UK Column News – 19th December – 20 December 2014

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UK Column News – 18 December 2014

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UK Column News – Mike Robinson – More Accountable To The British People – 14 December 2014

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Yesterday the Bank of England announced its plans for future transparency and accountablity over the setting of interest rates.

Bank of England

About the Author Mike Robinson Editor

In 1997, when Tony Blair was elected to government, the price of that was the so-called independence of the Bank of England. Of course, the Bank was always independent of government, despite its “nationalised” status, but there was one thing in particular it couldn’t do: set interest rates. Continue reading

UK Column News – 12th December – 13 December 2014

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UK Column News – Tuesday 9th December – 10 December 2014

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