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EU To Restart Gas Talks With Russia, Ukraine – 13 February 2015

RT logoThe European Commission (EC) will resume energy talks with Russia and Ukraine in hope of avoiding gas problems during the winter of 2015, EC President Jean-Claude Juncker told journalists.

His announcement comes a day after the Minsk agreement, backed by the Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine created a roadmap for peace in Ukraine.

READ MORE: Ukraine peace deal: Ceasefire starting February 15, removal of heavy weapons

“We will renew three-party energy talks in order not to run into the same problems during the 2015 winter as we encountered before,” Juncker said at the end of the EU summit on Thursday.

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Ukraine, Georgia And EU Candidate Countries Line Up For Anti-Russian Sanctions – 16 October 2014

RT logoEU candidate countries Norway, Iceland, Montenegro, Albania and Lichtenstein, as well as Ukraine and Georgia have joined the third package of sanctions against Russia, according to the European Union.

“The candidate countries, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Iceland, and Albania, and the EFTA countries Liechtenstein and Norway, members of the European Economic Area, as well as Ukraine and Georgia align themselves with this decision,” says the statementfrom the Council of the European Union published on October 15.

European Free Trade Association countries Norway and Lichtenstein, who are also members of the European Economic Area, supported only part of the measures concerning blacklisted individuals, RIA Novosti says.

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John Ward – Ukraine, ISIS, 2% Of GDP On Defence, Oil, Exports & Employment: Can Yer See Hadditizzyet? – 5 September 2014



After sabre-rattling in Ukraine and beheadings in Iraq, spending 2% on defence is firmly on the NATO agenda. But what’s the agenda? The Slog investigates and speculates. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Holier Than Thou: Why Should Anyone Believe The US, Ukraine, Or Russia? What Is The US Attempting To Hide? – 22 July 2014

MishMikeShedlockI am quite tired of rhetoric from the Obama administration and Kiev regarding the situation in Ukraine. Hardly any of it is believable.

Indeed, some Ukraine propaganda efforts of Kiev are so amateurish they appear as sloppy acts of desperate coverups.

If so, then it is far more likely Ukraine is the guilty party, not the separatists. If you are innocent, you do not choose such tactics. Continue reading

Ukraine, Russia Agree To Hold Off On Gas Dispute Lawsuits – 3 June 2014

RT logoIn another round of tripartite talks between Moscow, Kiev, and the EU over gas supplies via Ukraine, the sides have finally come to some agreements – namely not to seek a gas price dispute settlement in the Stockholm-based arbitration court just yet.

“Both sides agreed that neither one nor the other will go to a Stockholm court,” Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller told Ria Novosti, adding that the parties plan to resolve the gas price dispute before the next round of talks will begin sometime before June 9. “If the parties settle all the issues in the negotiations, it may not be necessary to go to the Stockholm court. “

As a result of Kiev’s substantial gas debt to Russia, gas prices for Ukraine surged from US$268.50 to $485.50 per 1,000 cubic meters in April, when Russia annulled two earlier agreed discounts. Kiev keeps rejecting the full price, saying it is ready to repay its debt if Moscow fixes its price at the lowest rate.

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ZeroHedge – Ukraine, Europe Throw Hissy Fits Over Putin’s Visit To “Annexed” Crimea – 9 May 2014

ZeroHedgeWhile – for now – Sunday’s referendum for Donetsk remains un-postponed despite Putin’s diplomatic call for a delay, the Europeans and Ukrainians are extremely displeased with his visit to Crimea today:

  • Ukraine considers this step to be a blatant disrespect by the Russian side

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ZeroHedge – What’s REALLY Going On In Odessa, Ukraine – 4 May 2014

ZeroHedgeUkrainian War Crimes Whitewashed by Western Press

After more than 30 people died in a fire in the Ukrainian seaside resort town of Odessa, most of the Western press pretended that no one knows what happened or whose fault it was. For example, see these stories from the  Guardian and BBC.

But USA Today reports:

Witnesses and journalists reported that as the building burned with people inside, a crowd shouted, “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Death to enemies!” [These are neo-Nazi slogans.]


[T]he Associated Press reported that the Russian sympathizers took refuge in the trade union hall on Kulikovo Field Square after government supporters rousted their encampment outside and then burned their tents. Police said the building was set on fire with Molotov cocktails.

Read the full story and see video and pictures at: www.zerohedge.com / link to original article

John Ward – Exclusive : The US, The EU, Ukraine, & A Global Gamechanger Called 3D Graphene Printing – 9 April 2014

JohnWViolence in Kharkov, and why it has the Pentagon in a spin

The mysterious American Graphite Technologies, and the EU’s €2bn BHR project: A special Slog investigation

I’m on the record over many years as saying that futurology is mainly bunk, because gamechangers do not appear as part of linear quantitative change….they zoom in from behind the one cloud in a blue sky. One such  development about which I blogged in June last year is graphene, and its relevance to the EC’s Human Brain Project (HBP) being developed at the cost of €2billion in association with the US.  This is what I noted at the time: Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – War Talk Roundup: China Has “No Room For Compromise With Japan”; Spotlight On China, Japan, US, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea – 10 March 2014

MishMikeShedlockThe global macro picture is bad enough in and of itself. Simmering feuds between rival nations certainly do not help the picture. Here are a few recent stories that caught my eye.

China has No Room For Compromise with Japan

The New York Times reports China has No Room For Compromise with Japan. Continue reading

UFO Sighting over Ukraine, 18 September 2011