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UN Experts Hit Out At Proposed Spanish ‘Gag Law’ – 23 February 2015

RT logoThe UN says Spain should reject controversial anti-protest legislation as it violates basic rights and freedoms. The proposed new law, referred to as a “gag law,” would introduce heavy fines for protesters and has proved deeply unpopular in the country.

A panel of human rights experts from the United Nations said they were concerned about the Public Security Law and the Penal Code initiatives, which they say will violate Spanish people’s human rights. The proposed legislation also advocates the immediate expulsion of illegal immigrants caught trying to enter the country’s enclaves in North Africa.

Maina Kiai, a UN special expert on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly, said the reform “unnecessarily and disproportionately restricts basic freedoms such as the collective exercise of the right to freedom of opinion,” AP reports.

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