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Hole In Ozone Layer Starts Patching Up, UN Says – 11 September 2014

RT logo(Lucas: if you still belief the climate bullshit they tell you…. nice…. Here it is we have a recovery….. of that what was just normal and never needed any recovery….We turn the switches from lies option to the reality as it always was shhhhhhhhhhhhhsst option. Lol.)

The Earth’s fragile ozone layer has started to show “signs of recovery,” according to a new UN study, and a hole in the ozone found over Antarctica every year has stopped increasing in size.

A 1987 ban on damaging gases has contributed to the reversal in the concern-causing trend, reported the UN study, which was published by the World Meteorological Organization and the UN Environment Programme.

“The phase-out of ozone depleting substances has had a positive spin-off for the global climate because many of these substances are also potent greenhouse gases,” the UNEP said in a statement Wednesday.

“However, the assessment report cautions that the rapid increase in certain substitutes, which are themselves also potent greenhouse gases, has the potential to undermine these gains,” it added.

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