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UN Security Council: Why Is The Veto Right So Important? – 5 October 2014

RT logoDr Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Deputy foreign minister (2005-2011).

There is an ongoing discussion of Security Council reform, including the issue of the veto right.

The veto right, or the UN Charter’s requirement for the SC Permanent Members’ unanimity, remains the cornerstone of the UN system, which was created to guard peace and security after the Second World War.

It would be easy to destroy it, but there is no workable alternative at the moment. This is not a privilege, but a reflection of the high responsibility of the P5 for maintaining peace and security, which reflects both the historic contribution that the Permanent Members made to establishing the UN and their continued practical role in the world. At the same time it reflects the wisdom of the founding fathers of the UN who foresaw a multi-centric world order, which is a reality now.

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