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Soldier Hugs – Affidavit Of Sovereigns And Acceptance Of Solemn Oaths Sworn – Remember! – 28 June 2012

Preface :

WHEN in the course of history, large deviations from the Framer´s ideals become apparent, it becomes necessary for the Sovereigns to take appropriate actions and corrections; in fact it is their solemn duty to do so.  This newest organic document of the Republic of the united States of America follows the Articles of Confederation; the Declaration of Independence 1776; the Constitution of 1787, and the Bill of Rights. While the former organic documents of our Republic were signed with written ink on parchment, technological advancements permit this document to be written in electronic form, publicly published on the Internet, and acknowledged electronically, to be kept, archived and posted as legal notice on the internet. Continue reading


An Urgent Message To Our Military, Police, Officials, Oathkeepers – 24 June 2012

Lucas : This is me addressing the Oathkeepers:

For those who forgot their oaths and forgot what the constitution of the USA stands for this is your reminder.  Act now accordingly to your oath and help to instate the constitution again and do not act upon calls for, requests and orders that go against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the unalienable rights mankind has been given from God. Your actions have been ruled by an entity called corporate USA acting as government and ruler, bankers, institutions (national and international) that are not called for or voted for by We The People and are unconstitutional.  People that influence by money and power or have solemn power over Governments and their agencies or officials, Congress and their representatives, justice and the judges and prosecutors and officials, military, law enforcement, food, utilities, are not acting upon or honouring the constitution and  the freedom and unalienable rights of the Sovereign People.  Makers of rules against We The People in their deliberate ignoring and abolishing the constitutional and unalienable rights have no right to be and have to be abdicated, recalled, removed and punished for their crimes.

You have to stand for and uphold your Oaths now and be the freedom fighters of We The People and restore that what has been unconstitutional and against the unalienable rights of the Sovereign People as it is your duty.  No entity, corporation or man can take these rights away from We The People ever.

Act now and keep your Oaths. The Time is now!!!




A Declaration Of Freedom From The Tyranny Of The World Shadow Government – 29 May 2012

A New Declaration Submitted to the US Federal Government

To: The President of the United States, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives and US Supreme Court

Submitted by: We, the People, of the USA and those oppressed by American Militarism Continue reading

Carl Herman – Supreme Court : ‘Law’ Repugnant To The Constitution Is Void – 10 May 2012

A useful place for Americans to stand is with the US Supreme Court in one of its most cited decisions that concluded anything passed as law in obvious violation of the US Constitution is not law, but void. Void as a legal term means the alleged “law” has zero legal force; that “void things are as no things.” Continue reading

Alex Jones – Impeachment Media Cover Up Exposed! – 11 March 2012

uploaded by on 10 March 2012.


“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press and that cannot be limited without being lost.” – Thomas Jefferson

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” – George Washington Continue reading

Matthew C. Cox – Understanding The White Hats – 16 February 2012

It may be my Christian background or it may be prudence. Whatever the case, when I hear something new, I find myself looking for confirmation. The Biblical mandate to establish something at the mouth of “two or three witnesses” is an obsession for me.

If those witnesses don’t know each other, this gives the new information even more credibility.

Therefore, when I first heard about “The White Hats,” I reserved judgment. According to written reports, The White Hats are a group of people who work within government institutions. They work for the military, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, and other government agencies. Continue reading

Lucas – US State Of Montana Recalls Her Elected Senators By Voting For The NDAA – 28 December 2011

Whilst reading all the news that passed the couple of days I came across this interesting info of recalling elected officials as part of 9 State Codes of the USA. Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, and Wisconsin. New Jersey’s federal recall law was struck down when a NJ state judge ruled that it was not Constitutional. This is a questionable ruling as the Constitution does not say or prohibit these recalls  in its 10th Amendment. This legal tool enables  these States to recall (federal officials) also senators from office on the grounds of physical or mental lack of fitness, incompetence, violation of oath of office, official misconduct, or conviction of certain felony offenses.  Continue reading