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Lucas – Universe Of Doors – A Refreshing Breeze Of Air – 20 January 2013

doorsThere is a lot to learn in this new dimensional living as it is like a universe of countless doors that open each time new opportunities for us depending on what you sent out as your creational manifestation  into the field.

Is it your wish to meet someone, a  new relationships be specific than and let that thought you formed from your heart be spoken with your mouth and envisioned with your mind’s eye. Whatever manifestation from the heart comes about it will find as above mentioned the way into creation.  Let the rest be done by the flow, the energy all takes form and place in.  See the flow just like a breeze of refreshing air finding its way into your room. All that finds its way into creation of things and flows in this refreshing unconditional love and field of oneness.  It will come about. Continue reading