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Lucas – God Particle Found? – Yep, Search On! – 6 July 2012

The experiment at The Large Hadron Collider  at CERN was brought into the news as if we had found the GOD Particle. For sure it is a nice discovery that gives us a bit wider understanding of things, but let us call it the discovery of the Higgs Boson Particle. They still need to further understand their findings. It was just one experiment. Continue reading

Lucas – Turning Outside In And Inside Out – Understanding The Bigger Picture – 18 May 2012

In the talks about the current shifts and happenings I regularly have with Bill Ballard, he and I came to the same conclusion. I had not seen his video yet and posted it this morning. In this article I write about the understanding the bigger picture of what is happening.

It is maybe strange but people still can not see that the solution can not be found outside ourselves but in ourselves. The notion that all is a  reflection of us on a higher level or lower level.  Like we have chakra’s,  Earth has chakra’s the Universe  has chakra’s , etc., etc.  See it like the Russian Matroyshka Dolls.  Everything is the same build on different levels and fitting in each other. So our earth fits in  our galaxy Matroyshka  as a part of that doll. Continue reading

Jelaila Starr – The Carian (The Bird People) – 10 January 2012

The Carians
(the Bird People)

Parent Race of the Reptilians

The Carians are a race of birdlike Beings.  At their most evolved state, the ruling class of the Carians resemble humans with eagle-like features and coloring. Continue reading

Jafree Ozwald & Margot Zaher – Enlighted Beings – The Outrageous Power Of The Blue Room! – 29 December 2011

Would you like to effortlessly manifest something FABULOUS into your life from “out of the blue”? People often think that it’s miraculous or unexplainable when something shows up that they desired for no apparent reason at all. The truth is that science and spirituality are finally coming back together (after being separated over 500 years ago) to reveal the greatest secret in history. These quantum scientists of today are now proving that we are all truly powerful manifesting beings…naturally! Recent studies in Quantum physics have proven two important facts: Continue reading

The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2011

Dr.Carol Rosin

of the Institute for Security and Cooperation from Outer Space