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Steve Beckow – Until We Meet Again…. – 7 February 2012

(Lucas:”Steve refers also to my article in him resigning. I have already explained that the article Steve wrote for me had no other conclusion. He has explained himself in this new article. He is saying not to resign or leave. That is good to hear from him now. Welcome Back then. It had been easier if he wrote this all before posting an article on his decision to leave or stay that for me and others only was to interpret as him leaving or resigning. This I’ve  been saying also in a comment on Wes Annac’s blog and mine about the comment by Wes he only was away for a while.  Now Steve for me is clear. What others think of his article  or reasons they have to decide for themselves. But please do not comment on it as I will not post it!  Steve thanks.  And greetings to Geoff West who I have been speaking to recent. Love and Light, Lucas” )


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