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Drake – Update – American National Militia – Attention – 3 September 2012

(Update 4 September 2012 Lucas:  It seems there are now again reports of arrests by an anonymous blogger that says there is one person more arrested and confirmed by 2 other people who are not mentioned and are anonymous.  It seems this way we can get all arrested but not confirmed in real with tangible evidence confirming it  and not hear say or belief me statements. I will not post arrests  if  we can not check the truth of statements or have papers or evidence that are traceable. We do not get far by make belief stories or wishful thinking. http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.ca/2012/09/drake-update-attn-arrest-of-nancy-pelosi.html)

(Lucas : I have to ask your discernment in reading the following. There is still no confirmation on things. The only thing I have heard this afternoon is that Nanci Pelosi was seen  also elsewhere and thus free. This is in conflict with what is reported here. Therefore we only can be sure if things are reported and proven without any doubt. Let me say this, it would be nice to see the important people arrested, questioned and or  interrogated and trialed. Hopefully the rest will follow also in a peaceful and orderly manner. Personally I think we have heard too often things would be going on or done and came not to fruition and some reason was called in for the delay or things not happening then. As you know I am for non-violence actions and behaviour.  I am a bit sceptic about this announcement. But you can have your opinion or your truth as you know I always say that.) Continue reading