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Sophia Love – Update – 1 February 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

At this beginning of the second month of 2014, it is time to re-state the guidelines, which were outlined at the start of this blog/comment section.  We have many new readers:

“At the request of several readers, and the suggestion of our Off World Contact, this comment section is now open.  It is a place to comment on what has been shared.  There are two rules : that all comments are made both 1. anonymously (use another name)
and  2. respectfully.


DanaMrkich – Update – 12 September 2013

Dana Colour Pic NewThe interaction between Mars, Pluto and Chiron in the skies this week means that a lot of stuff is coming up around healing old wounds related to our childhood and ancestral energy – particularly in relation to our sense of power, assertiveness and our expression of masculine energy (regardless of gender).

This healing can happen many ways including the triggering of old wounds so you can see them more clearly, insights that come like a flash of light, or being placed in a situation/experience/environment that gives you a major deja vu moment of something in your past. This influence has been creeping up on us for a while now. Continue reading

Cropcircle Season – Update – 19 July 2013

CROP CIRCLE – All Cannings nr Stanton St Bernard – Wiltshire – July 15 2013

Uploaded on 18 July 2013  by shumnyabai Continue reading

ITCCS – Update – 28 April 2013

ITCCS-300x94Posted on April 28, 2013 by itccs

In this Update:

– We the Jury broadcasts on May 4
– The Desperate Deception in Rome
– Domestic Terrorism and Treason by Roman Catholic Officials – An  Open Letter to Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley


1. Our upcoming We the Jury blog radio program carries on the Common Law battle with front-line guests from Holland, America and Canada. Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – Update – 23 December 2012

blossom-blog-new shortHi there one and all.

I have not and will not desert my post.

However    … This is how it FEELS for me right now:

I had just a few more pieces of the jigsaw to add so as to complete the puzzle.

Yet … instead of them falling nicely into place as expected … the entire puzzle got knocked to the ground. Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – Update: Huge Victory For The Light Has Occurred! – 7 December 2012

IMG_1668winged-heart-gfp-logo galactic free press sound of heartLove Written In Stone  Earth Ally will – site

Greetings Love Beings, We just keep getting more and more intense incoming energies as the Moments get closer to more Portal openings, Events, and Alignments in Our magical month of December. We have also entered a time compression as We arrive Into Eternity! Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Update – 5 November 2012

This weeks Geopolitical News and Analysis will appear on November 7th, after US election results are out. We have heard the US military will be using hurricane Sandy as a reason to postpone the election. Pentagon sources are also saying another storm is on it way with the aim of continuing to distrupt activity in Washington D.C. and New York. The Bank of Japan has also also been taken over and will soon convert most Japanese government bonds into yen cash.
Please expect a detailed report on November 7th. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Benjamin Fulford – Update – 14 September 2012

Ingore the disinformation about Xi Jinping having gone missing, says a senior Chinese source. The 9 members of the new politburo have been selected as previously announced and the transition is proceeding smoothly, he says. The real reason for the widely published disinformation is that he snubbed Hillary Clinton when she went on a recent begging mission to China. The United States Corporation is scrambling to avoid bankruptcy when its September 30 fiscal year ends. Perhaps they should talk to the White Dragon Society and we can get them some gold on the condition they stop all their mayhem.

Benjamin Fulford – Update – 30 August 2012

FW: SGI mention in your last post

Hello Benjamin,

I enjoy reading your posts via Kauilapele’s Blog, and need to subscribe directly to you, to support your service.

As an active SGI member (http://www.sgi-usa.org) in Minneapolis, I was surprised to see this reference in your last post:

“For that reason two of the major North Korean agencies in Japan, the Sokka Gakkai Buddhist Sect and the North Korean Citizens Association of Japan are being actively blackmailed by Nazi puppet police agents.”

I’d be curious to hear your views on the Soka Gakkai International and Daisaku Ikeda!

Best Regards,

Answer Fulford:

Dear M,

My understanding of SGI is that they started with good intentions but in the early 1970’s they experienced a crack down and Ikeda Daisaku was threatened with prison unless he toned down his and SGI’s activities. When doing a story about SGI for Forbes magazine we checked the birth records and confirmed that Ikeda was originally from North Korea. My sources who know him personally say that he is now in a vegetative state and unable to talk.
We are hoping to get Sokka Gakkai endorsement for our plan for a big campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.

Benjamin Fulford – Update – Young Lady In Germany Fears She Will Be Sacrificed During August 31 Full Blue Moon Ceremony – 29 August 2012

Nigina Shokoor, a 25-year old woman living in Munich, Germany, is fearing for her life after a family friend “who belongs to the Mafia” told her she had been chosen to be a human sacrifice at an upcoming Satanic Ritual.

Shokoor says she will die in six days, a date which coincides with the full moon on August 31st. This full moon is of special significance to occult secret societies because it is a blue moon; the second full moon during the same month. Continue reading