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Drake – Update – 12 August 2012

(Lucas: Discern yourselves!)

Get Ready…Get Set…

Today’s show will be different than any you have heard before.
As most know, I was on radio with Mr. Webber. I explained some sciences
only a very few have a working knowledge of.
You might want to listen very closely and carefully, as this is the personal
application of those sciences…just for you and everyone, everywhere.

Bill Ballard – Update – 10 August 2012


I want to point out to your the Harmonic Convergence Teleconferences in Mt. Shasta at 16 and 17 August and give you the message Shanta Gabriel wrote beneath.  If you want to know more about awakening I had my new e-book out called : The Great Awakening.  You can read it and download it at this link adres:  The Great Awakening by Bill Ballard e-book.

Love, Bill Ballard Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Update – Cool UFO Sighting These Past Few Days – 6 August 2012

There has been some really good footage of UFOs these past days and weeks. Much I post below has occurred in August already. All of these I post are recent sightings June~July~August 2012. Some of the footage is quality, and some not. Remember, when you see UFOs… it’s alway unexpected, you film whether you are ready or not.

There are Hard Metallic Ships and also Lightships in these videos…
Some are our own Secret Government 3-4D projects along witht the 4D ETs (Hardships)  and some are literally from out of this world (5D+ Light Ships).. ha Continue reading

Drake – Update – 4 August 2012

Third Russian-Chinese Veto Blocks the Road to World War III



On July 19, 2012, for the first time in United Nations history, a third double veto was cast, by Russia and China, preventing the United Nations from becoming a party to the conflict in Syria, and restoring legitimacy to the United Nations as an independent and impartial international organization, no longer an instrument beholden to and dominated by one member state.  Even more significantly, the third Russian-Chinese veto deprived the US-NATO forces of the possibility of claiming that their actions were supported by the international community, and denied any moral authority to subsequent US-NATO military action in Syria, and beyond, unmasking such military action as naked aggression.
more to come

Drake – Update – The Glass-Steagal Act – 3 August 2012

The Glass-Steagal Act

To those who do not understand.
The Glass-Steagal Act prevents banks from being stock brokers of any kind.
The Act further limits any kind of bailouts.
Any of the above is the ‘gambling’ that has gone on with out tax money.
Glass-Steagal prohibits all of the above.
Read the rest and see the PDF download at: http://www.americannationalmilitia.com  link to original article

Drake – Update – 2 August 2012

Outing – The Truth

We have two ways to communicate.

Global Voice Radio on Blog Talk, and the main site, American National Militia.

Our main objectives are offering as much of the whole truth as we can and giving supporting documentation.

Read the rest at http://www.americannationalmilitia.com link to original article

David Wilcock – The Great Revealing… Update – 29 July 2012

I had hoped to finish uploading the rest of this investigation on Wednesday — but was not able to do so.
The investigation itself is still transforming — on a variety of levels.
Powerful events have taken place — some very positive, and some definitely negative. None of them have affected me personally. I am safe and my associates are safe. Continue reading

Drake – Update – Gun Control – Any Questions? – 28 July 2012

~ Drake
Posted: 27 Jul 2012 01:38 PM PDT
It’s the same old unconstitutional gang doing their dirty work again… Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Update – 26 July 2012

A friend compiled the links below from some of the news going on these past days as the global Banking System begins coming down.

Exclusive: Prosecutors, regulators close to making Libor arrest

http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/22/us-banking-libor-criminal-idUSBRE86L0CC20120722 Continue reading

Drake – Update – 25 July 2012

What Happens Under Gun Control

(Switzerland has it right!! – it’s below)

Why Grandpa carries a gun.

Please take time to read this and pay particular attention to “A Little Gun History” about half way down.
PEOPLE ASK WHY? Continue reading