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Lisa Gawlas – Upward Bound!! – 22 December 2014

lisagawlas2Happy day after the Winter/Summer Solstice!!!  I felt like I entered really unfamiliar territory yesterday, but before I get into that, lets back up a day.  The day before the Solstice, the day after the X1.8 flare from the sun.  That whole day told a story, now I just hope I can get it correct!!

My first two connections were men, my last 4 women and there was a distinct difference in relationship with the energy of the sun in their visuals.

With my first reading of the day (and second) the sun itself was very prominent in his (their) readings.  Directly above their field of life, but looking more like a ball of gold made out of 24 carat gold flakes.  Raining down on them, not so much like raindrops, but more like scattered streams coming into them. Continue reading