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Valerie Donner – The Groundcrew – 11 November 2014

valerieDonnerDear Ground Crew,

This past week words can hardly explain how the recent full moon, eclipses, solar flares, time change and earth’s chaotic nodes (Tom Kenyon and the Hathors write about the chaotic nodes. www.tomkenyon.com) have impacted us. Some of us have had trouble sleeping, depression, crying sprees, feeling craziness, and fatigue, have had headaches and can’t think, and have felt out of sorts. We have been in the chaos while everyone else is trying to maneuver through the energies. Continue reading


Valerie Donner – A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council – 9 September 2014

valerieDonnerGreetings, I am Mira. I am currently serving on the Earth Council. Our mission is to use our expertise to assist the earth’s ascension.

Currently we are on standby. This means that we are aware of the dangerous factors at work that could present disasters on the planet. Please realize that we are only telling you this to let you know that we are fully committed to your safety and protection. When we let you know that we are on standby we ask that you also pay attention to your surroundings. Please be fully aware that we need you to be alert, stay calm and quietly ready should we call upon you. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – Poem And Apollo – 9 September 2014

valerieDonnerRise to the Occasion

By Valerie Donner

Rise to the occasion.
Be a part of the change.
There’s plenty to clear;
It’s within our range.

Reach for the sky.
Let go of the old.
The Creator is with us.
Let’s discard the old mold. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – A Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council – 12 August 2014

valerieDonnerGreetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, currently working full time with the Earth Council.

We bring you our love and complete support for the times in which you now find yourselves. The earth is making pivotal progress as she proceeds with her ascension process. Sometimes it is easier than others. We watch her closely. We know what she needs and what we must do. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew Update – 12 August 2014

valerieDonnerDear Ground Crew,

This message finds me back, straight from The Heart of Mt. Shasta and my retreat. We had a wonderful time in nature and the healing waters of Stewart Mineral Springs. The attendees were a fantastic group with attention-getting stories of healing, recovery, spirituality and soul. We flirted with the precious wild flowers in Panther Meadows and connected with the sacred spring in the meadow. I provided a channeled message from St. Germain, Mother Mary, Adama (from Telos) and Kuthumi. Spirit and the nature spirits ruled the day. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – A Channeling from Mira From The Pleiadian High Council – 9 July 2014

valerieDonnerGreetings, I am Mira. I am steady at the helm with the Earth Council as we progress with the earth’s ascension process.

There are many needs and complex issues with which we must deal. The gateways continue to open and much progress is being made. We stand up for you; we work on your behalf. We monitor the flow of life and the many changes that take place.

We observe your planet’s focus on world sporting events. We know that this intense focus is what you need to make to uplift the planet into the higher dimensions. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your media would carry the news of what’s really happening? The ascension process of the earth is the greatest event of all creation. All of creation is focused on you while much of your populace is focusing on soccer or some other sport. Continue reading

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew Update – 9 July 2014

valerieDonnerDear Ground Crew,

At this time on the planet I find it helpful to focus on all of the good things in my life. The things I love to eat that sustain me, the friends and family I love dearly, my work and my clients, great works of art, animals, my kitty, plants, flowers, nature, the miracles of nature and all of the things that I take for granted are part of the gift of being present in a physical body on our beloved Mother Earth. There is so much for which to be grateful. Take a few minutes daily to realize the abundance of joyful experiences of love and special events that are constantly in our lives. Then if we go further and tune into our meditations and all of the wondrous Masters, guides, angels and archangels that constantly are with us we are in an even better state. We are not alone and we are clearly intended to follow the path Home with the help of all of the Light Realms and our Creator. Continue reading