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Steve Beckow – Vatican Charges – The Kind Of Difficult New We Can Expect – 17 June 2012

(Lucas :  Some time ago I was already reporting on the Vatican scandals and also the possible tribunal instated on the Vatican crimes against humanity in Canada as the native children have been victim to these crimes there. The crimes against the Dutch children in care of catholic institutes, hospitals or at catholic schools have been investigated by a Dutch Parliamentary commission and as new questions rose further investigation is needed.  The things come to light include sodomizing children, pedophilia, forced castration, sexual abuse, neglect, psychological intimidation and indoctrination, etc.  The row of crimes grows day by day as I already reported. Do not forget Germany’s, Belgium’s, Ireland’s , USA’s   and other countries revelations about the catholic churches wrongdoings and the catholic church is still hushing up and buying of their crimes with money to silence people or not to get prosecuted even if the mountain of evidence is over growing the visual heights. The vision of the channel Matthew  Ward, SaLuSa  and others are what Steve Beckow is referring to  in showing us that things also have been channeled or prophesied in that way.) Continue reading