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Visionkeeper – What Our Reflections Shine Back To Us – 14 June 2013

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If you were to walk to the water’s edge and peer in, would you be pleased with what you see? Is the reflection staring back at you someone you love and feel good about? If not, it is time to get to work and learn how to be with who you are. Self judgment can be the worse judgement of all. The old story of I’m too fat, not pretty enough, not good enough. I think we have probably all run these tapes through our head many times during our journey. They are so self-destructive and yet we seem to glue ourselves to them out of fear of who we will be without that those stories, much like the child who will welcome negative attention over no attention at all. All of these old tapes are part of the old world and we certainly don’t want to drag them along with us into the new world. Our time has come to finally understand how magical and powerful and wonderful we are in every way imaginable. Continue reading