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Veterans Today – Gordon Duff – Breaking : HBO’s ‘Newsroom”Blasts GOP As “Taliban” – 30 August 2012

HBO’s Newsroom Calls GOP “Taliban”

Tea Party Insanity and Terrorism Potential Cited
by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Source: Veterans Today

The HBO series, Newsroom with Jeff Daniels, a show demonstrating not just the failure of American news reporting but worldwide cowardice and corruption, this week has debunked the American opposition party.  Most serious is the timing, in the midst of the Republican Convention.

The primary issue at hand isn’t economic, there has been no substantive political discussion whatsoever, only conspiracy theory, wild accusations, email spamming of rumors, American politics, the GOP/Tea Party variety is really more a psyop or psychological warfare operation against the American people.

Click Here to continue reading and to view three other “Newsroom’ clips.

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VT – Stepehn Lendman – Major Media Admit Presences Of Foreign Militants In Syria –

(Lucas: I post this article as it shows  the control, black ops, interference, etc, from the dark cabal countries including USA to let it seem that people rose up against their leader for freedom like in Libya for example, but in real truth the uprise is staged to get control of the country and its resources or stopping seemingly strategic threats  for the dark cabal.)

Syria’s conflict isn’t an uprising, revolution or civil war. It’s lawless Western aggression. It targets an independent government and its people. Doing so violates fundamental international law.

Washington planned it years ago. It wants puppet leaders installed. It’s Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya 2.0. America destroys nations to control and plunder them. Continue reading

VeteransToday And Press TV – Gordon Duff – ‘US Government Involved In Program To Break Down The Cohesive Aspects Of US Society’ – 27 July 2012

Orchestrating Fear, Mind Control Psyops Monitored and Controlled by Spy Software

Gordon Duff the senior editor of Veterans Today recently wrote an article called: “Con Job: Mass Shootings and Pattern Recognition.” Continue reading

VT – Gordon Duff And WNT – Confirmed By NASA – UFO Footage From ISS Real – 15 July 2012

192 “One Mile Diameter” UFO Filmed by Space Station, Now Confirmed … by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and WNT ——————- One of my friends, Editor of World News Tomorrow, sent me the following story. He got it from a high level source at NASA and called in a favor, having the material and story validated through high level intelligence and law enforcement channels, official channels. During the investigation, records of thousands of abductions were discovered, records of verified alien abductions, none of which were debunked. Information on this will be included below. A month ago, Veterans Today published a classified analysis, including full scientific data, of a UFO video from South Korea. Most videos we receive are CGI, computer phonies. I should say 99%, not most. These are the highest classified documents to have ever been leaked to the public, so far beyond the Pentagon Papers or anything Wikileaks has seen as to make make their efforts a joke. Our published versions are high resolution and we have a private download site available for access to the originals for organizations who submit requests. Continue reading

Media And The 9/11 Cover- UP : BBC Accused Of Breaking Its Own Fairness Rules – 14 July 2012

(Lucas : Why we still think even with fairness rules a mayor news outlet is reporting the whole truth is after all the knowledge about manipulations, mindcontrol, etc, you gathered a mystery. Even the blind can hear so open up otherwise your ears and the ultimate remedy is to open up  your heart that can feel the truth.  That will bring you more clarity in your discernment of true or not.)

BBC reported the “collapse” of WTC-7 almost half an hour before the demolition. Its 9/11 coverage hasn’t gotten any better since then.

Craig McKee’s Truth and Shadows blog is consistently high-quality, and its comments section is becoming a 9/11 truth movement forum. Below is McKee’s latest post.  -KB Continue reading

Janet Pehlan – VT – Protest In Front Of San Bernadino Court House On 21 June – 9 June 2012

A demonstration will take place at noon on Thursday, June 21, in front of San Bernardino Courthouse, located at 351 N. Arrowhead in San Bernardino, California.

This action is planned to draw attention to the breakdown of the rule of law in the courtroom of Judge Michael Welch, probate judge for SB County. The action is timed to coincide with a hearing in the Conservatorship of Lois Risse, wherein the conservator is seeking to overturn a twenty- eight year old deed of sale in order to return the property into the conservatorship, so that the conservator can get a reverse mortgage to pay for her services. Continue reading

Breaking – Exclusive : Gordon Duff and Michael Shrimpton – VT – Japan Attack, German Terror-Intel Group Complicit – 31 May 2012

Yes, We Can Drop the Sea Bed, Watch Us Do it Again, For Real This Time

Confirmations of Nuke Move Against Japan, South Korea and US

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Michael Shrimpton, UK Correspondent

Japan’s top secret Plutonium production and storage facility facing attack, a radiation catastrophe for North America planned.  Based on multiple confirmations from official sources, plans are afoot to use a Russian nuclear device to destroy the secret Japanese weapons grade facility at Rokkasho Mura in the Aomori Prefecture.

Read the whole story at http://www.veteranstoday.com link to original article / Thanks to Jean ; http://www.jhaines6.wordpress.com link to article