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Visionkeeper – Waiting To Be Of Assistance – 8 January 2013


2013 is here and I think we will be seeing our purpose for being here pick up speed. As the old paradigm begins to disintegrate quickly beneath our feet, the newly awakened who are beginning to question the old way of being are now desperate to find new ways to keep the foundation beneath them together. They are now sensing and slowly learning about the lies they have been spoon fed forever and their whole world is beginning to unravel. How well we all know! They are scared and feeling very vulnerable and are in dire need of finding answers to all of their questions. We knew this time was coming and now it is upon us. The world is falling apart in the sleepers eyes and there is panic, and yet the new world is strong with a solid foundation, but they are not fully aware of it, they just know they need something that works and quick! It is our time to come forward and guide the hopeless to the new world. Continue reading