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Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call: Hatonn – 23 July 2014

NancyTateWake up Call: Hatonn, July 23, 14

I am here today to tell you of something that is in the works in the far corners of this planet. I am Hatonn once more, and I am going to fill you in on one of the occurrences that have taken place in preparation of the times of focus that you are going to participate in.

There is a far corner of the western part of the globe that carries many new species of life. It is well protected and it is far from the reaches of the ones who would seek to destroy or play with it in the interest of sporting. These three major species of new life are acclimating themselves to the earth energies. They are in turn allowing the outstanding issues of earth to be clear in the area where they are in readiness to flow forth and flourish the rest of the planet with wondrous energies. The other, smaller ones, of the species are there to accompany the major ones to their destined purpose and then they will go on to their own place in the universe from which they will then re-accustom themselves to their home planet. Continue reading