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Waking TImes – Rene Descartes – Kindness, Free Will And Universal Consciousness – 26 April 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Our free will is the key to freedom. We must choose to do right, and then exert our will in that direction. We and we alone are responsible for what we are, as well as our conditions here on Earth, we attracted all of it. Our free will makes the choice between our separateness and our Universal Consciousness. Our free will choices shape our individuality, and dictate our level of consciousness. Free will and freedom is not doing whatever you want, or being an anarchist. It is taking responsibility for your own life and the life of others and accepting the universal laws and principles gladly. Continue reading

Waking Times – Dylan Charles – 10 Things For Conscious People To Focus On In 2013 – 18 January 2013

Flickr-Space-Cyril-Rana-300x200The long anticipated and prophesized year, 2012, has come and gone, yet, the problems and challenges facing mankind and planet earth remain. Those who have put stock in the idea of conscious evolution are now faced with the burden of proof: is there any legitimacy to this idea of a ‘shift?’ Continue reading

Waking Times – Chris Renzo – A Spiritual Dilemma Of Epic Proportion: Reconstructing A New Relationship With The Divine – 8 January 2013

Flickr-Cathedral-paul-bica-300x225Given the current state of the world it is clear we face a spiritual problem of epic proportion.  If we are going to heal the ills of the world and create equality between peoples we must start to observe our belief structures and question whether or not they are serving society as a whole.  If peace and equality is our goal it would bode well to question and make aware any belief structure that blocks us from fulfilling compassion and tolerance between all beings. This is a spiritual dilemma becuase it is a call to our conscience. Continue reading

Waking Times – Becca Wolford – Everthing Petroleum Does, Hemp Does Better – 29 December 2012

Flickr-Hemp-deb-roby1-300x130We are in an economic crisis. But don’t panic, there are always good things that come out of crises. It’s all a matter of being aware, being ready, and being educated.

Our economy, put simply, really sucks right now. But the United States is not alone. Other countries are facing the same pain. There are several factors that have had a hand in the decline. Continue reading

Waking Times – Marco Torres & Michael Forrester – We Want To Live In A World That Is… – 22 December 2012

NASA-Earth1-300x285Free from the limitations that currently exist on Earth. A world of endless possibilities filled with nations of cooperative families and communities who have one goal–to function as a unit. One that can only survive through the purest, positive intent to benefit humanity. This is our world and we are all building it together.

In Our World… Continue reading

Waking Times – Catherine Lamb And Elaine McLellan – Unplug From The Lie – The Solution Starts With You – 20 December 2012

Flickr-Spark-kyz-300x300Good ideas abound, presented by caring individuals with skills and knowledge to share; organic gardens, survival skills, the promise of new industry and medicine from hemp and cannabis, etc. It truly does offer hope.

Solutions swirl around us like a storm yet we remain paralyzed and puzzled in the middle of societal chaos. Economically, environmentally, politically; it’s all a mess. Continue reading

Waking Times – Richard Smoley – Transformation 2012? – 19 December 2012

WIKI-Quetzalcoatl_magliabechiano-300x277Prophecy is always to be taken seriously. But that does not mean that it is always to be believed. In fact prophecy as a whole has a rather dismal record for foretelling the future. The apocalyptic predictions of Judaism and Christianity have constantly been disappointed. The predictions of Nostradamus, insofar as they can be understood, have an equally unsatisfactory record; their continued popularity has been assured chiefly by their vagueness. Even scientific forecasts have not fared very well: if you believe the predictions of ecologists forty years ago, by now the Earth should have long been uninhabitable. Continue reading

Waking Times – Buck Rogers – New Frontiers In Free Energy – The Gravity Light -14 December 2012

Gravity-Light-150x150The need for free, non-extractive energy sources is paramount to the health of our planet and its inhabitants. It seems that the fossil fuel industries have for decades succeeded in suppressing the most promising alternatives to dirty fuel, and there appears to be no end in sight to big oil and gas. However, nowadays we see the task of developing reliable sources of free energy is being picked up by small inventors and designers, genuinely concerned with the improvement of the human condition. Continue reading

Waking Times – S. Ali Myers – How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind – 6 December 2012

Flickr-Iceberg-Rita-Willaert-300x199What is the subconscious mind?  What does the subconscious mind do?  Your subconscious mind is your ultimate video, voice, and thought recorder.  From this lifetime and before, your subconscious mind has recorded everything that you’ve seen, heard, thought or experienced. Continue reading

Waking Times – Dylan Charles – Monsanto Back At It Again In Costa Rica With GM Corn – 19 November 2012

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Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

In the small Latin American country of Costa Rica, where agriculture is king and enormous corporate plantations have dotted the country-side, a subsidiary of Monsanto is making a push to plant several hectares of genetically modified transgenic corn in the Northwestern province of Guanacaste. Continue reading