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Visionkeeper – Walking A Path – 11 February 2013

flowers-river-favim-com-586204(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

We all lay out a general path before us to follow and stay connected to as we make our way through our experience in our lifetime. What kind of path we lay out determines what kind of life we will encounter. What does your path look like? Is it a beautiful path or one fraught with turmoil and disappointments? It is up to each of us to choose our own paths and then be responsible for following them. Do we have the courage to not be pulled off them by temptations thrown before us or fears meant to derail us? A strong path makes for a strong person. Is your path filled with I can’s and I am’s or is it filled with maybe’s and I should’s, I will? Do we embrace what life has to offer us and set it before us on our path with enthusiasm or do we come at life timidly and with reservation, apprehensively tip toeing along waiting for and expecting  life to throw us a curve ball? Choose your life path, plant it with flowers of beautiful colors and most importantly, stay on it, but be flexible! Continue reading