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Laura Bruno – Walking The Fine Line: The Ethical Divisions Of Eating Animals – 13 December 2014


This is the gentlest and deepest, most soulful exploration I’ve read about the “omnivore’s dilemma.” Having lived in over 40 extremely diverse locations around the US, I especially appreciate Becca’s honoring the importance of place and our interaction with Earth in that spot.

I also know, from having worked with so many vegans and raw vegans, and from having been exclusively vegan for 8.5 years, just how heart-wrenching choices can feel when your body tells you that, despite all the theories, supplements and fancy superfoods, your body is demanding in no uncertain terms a food you consider off limits. For me, this was raw dairy. I fought that fact for four years before finally trying a little, only to find immediate relief of symptoms I hadn’t even realized I was having until they went away. For now, I’ve settled on a local, grassfed, humanely sourced and “kids first” raw goat milk, which — for whatever reason — feels so much more balanced in my body, even though I *loved* being vegan. On the flip side, I have helped meat eaters come to terms with the opposite internal call, which body and soul, demanded complete abstinence from any and all animal products — at least for a time. Continue reading